Jeudi, 15 - Novembre - 2018 19:33 h.

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Ceuta becomes the center of the cruise industry analysis


Ceuta has been the scene of an in-depth analysis of the situation of the market of the cruisers with the celebration Wednesday of the Cruise Forum 2017 Ceuta, where he contributed a large number of experts and professionals in the field.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Minister of tourism, Emilio Carreira, who thanked all the efforts that are being made to turn the city into a cruise tourism destination. The Adviser made it clear that our country for a long time that it opted for the services sector, admired and desired by the "set of our European partners and by the citizens of the world".

Focusing on the city, race has transmitted to attendees at the Forum that both the city as the port authority will make every effort to ensure that "Ceuta is a most desirable tourist destination".

The Adviser, referring to the cruise sector, put in value that more than "eight million people visit our country through the cruisers".

José Torrado, Chairman of the port authority, coincided with the Adviser, recognizing, as did race, that Ceuta is a fledgling but thriving, valuing the 17,000 cruise passengers arrived in the city.

The key is in the way that we have to be able to "receive, serve and satisfy the demands of those who want us to visit".

Torrado has pointed out that with the presence in Ceuta of the large number of professionals who have gathered in the appointment on Thursday "we will to better understand and meet the cruise business".

Aiming to position itself in the market of cruises, the port of Ceuta has been working, said Torrado, in his exhibition in three main axes. The promotion of the port, with attendance at trade fairs and major appointments of face to contracts. As a result there are many companies which are taking into account the port of Ceuta when it comes to programming their destinies.

Other important axis is the improvements of port infrastructure, which if they are not adapted to the needs of the sector, could hardly arriving boats on them. As an example, Torrado has made reference to the improvements carried out in the spring Spain.

The professionals of the sector

After the interventions of Adviser and Chairman of the APC, came the turn to professionals. The director of CLIA Spain, Alfredo Serrano, made a comprehensive analysis of the situation that the sector of cruise ships, both around the world and in our country, which is growing and becoming a strong market.

Jordi Torne, CEO of Transcoma, whose subsidiary in Ceuta is Salama, he spoke about the role of the operators of Earth in the cruise industry. Catalan made attendees see the transformation that companies like yours has had to make to adapt to the needs of the sector. He made a differentiation to illustrate their words, pointing out that while the container is not complaining or gets sick or anything, cruise, customer demands, solicits, requests, ill and loses the Passport.

For his part, Deborah Vega, developed everything related to entertainment. It has highlighted the role of new technologies, in all sectors, are playing in this market.

Prior to the conclusion of the Roundtable, Juan Madrid, director of Barcelona Port Advisors, professional with extensive experience in the sector, said that the activity of cruises in Ceuta is still very incipient, so that, as in the said Race and Torrado, will have to continue working to gain a foothold in this industry, most powerful ever.